Yoga RitualsTM

are deep practices of integrating philosophical understandings, intellectual pursuits, spiritual celebrations and physical action.

we consider a notion,
we contemplate,
we ask for grace and offer blessings at the altar,
we dance with the breath in asana,
we sing,
we pray,
we rest in our hearts for delicious moments
we have prasad, something sweet
to seal the deal.


it’s fulfilling.

past rituals:

5 currents of meditation
altarista yoga ritual – altar building for making consciousness
mahasivaratri – annual 54 sun salutations to send our prayers on
rasa lila poornima –the 9 tastes or nectars and how to choose what to do with them
navaratri – the festival of the goddess
ganesha chaturthi – standing on the threshold of the rest of your life
guru poornima – honoring the great ones in our lives
elemental ritual – the five elements of yoga and you
mantra~dravya~tyaga – the art of spiritual gift giving
badha yoga – binding and freedom in our bodies, hearts and our minds
love god satsang- love poems of rumi and hafiz
reverence – springboards to more reverence in our lives
dharma and desire – accessing your talent and embracing it
spring equinox – stepping in to Nature’s pattern of evolution
the disobedience of the daughter of the sun – storytelling and restorative yoga